Well, there's not a whole lot to say about Friday's big debate. I've been watching these things since I was a kid and they're more often about propagandizing than any truly substantive political debating. I mean, the whole idea that anyone could "win" in a presidential debate in a literal sense is kind of crazy.

Besides, everyone knows that, for most people, the person you like tends to do better in your own mind. For me it was a little different since the guy I'm for? I'm not that for him.

In fact, I'm pretty much basing my vote on race alone--since I don't like either candidate, I'm voting Obama just because he's not a white guy. As a result, I feel like I was able to listen to what both candidates said and then interpret from there.

With that in mind, I don't think either did more than remind us what we like or dislike about them. McCain stayed on message, like a pit bull, sometimes offering up something vaguely useful to us, but most of the time he just sounded like a pissy old man.

Obama reminded us how graceful he can be under fire, but because he only got in a couple of subtle zingers, I feel like all he had going for him was to stand there and look like he wasn't losing. He sounded just like he always does--but didn't bring anything new to the table--er--the podium.

In the end, I suppose I can agree that Obama probably did better than McCain if only because he didn't do anything to make me dislike him more.

Well, there was his talk of the bailout being necessary--which, it seems, every politician in America agrees with despite many of those politicians being free-marketeers. Seems hypocritical to me--let's give the market free-reign until it's going to collapse in on itself--now we'll give it all sorts of money! Yay!

So the fact that neither candidate spoke of alternatives to a bailout makes me think the game is rigged. Perhaps that is the biggest thing we should take away from this first debate: the fact that McCain and Obama actually do seem to represent the same general interests.

It's almost like they're not giving us a choice! ;)

If you're curious how factually accurate the candidates were, check out FactCheck.org's report on the first debate here: www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/factchecking_debate_no_1.html

It makes for some interesting reading. :)