*I have no proof of this, of course! BUT...I did make fun of Obama recently for staying on the campaign trail rather than heading back to Washington to help sort this money mess out. You can check out my Obama commentary (Obamentary?) here: http://thepete.com/…ng-fingers

Now, when I first heard about McCain wanting to reschedule the debates so he could go work on the economy earlier today, my gut reaction was: "No way, John--it's a little late to be doing your homework this close to the final exam."

But really, both he and Obama are senators, and as I said in that Obamentary blog post, they should be doing their job in Washington. I suppose they could Skype it in and then just Twitter their votes (assuming McCain knows what Twitter even is), but it's probably best if they be there in person.

Personally, I think it's absurd to bail these lying cheats out of their (and our) financial dilemma, but obviously, they'll cave and give Bush his bottle (aka Wall Street their $700 billion).

That said, I'm glad the word is that the debate is still on for Friday. With just 41 days left (!!) until the election, we need to get those debates going as soon as possible so we'll have time to mentally digest everything that we see in them. Financial crisis or no, We The People have to prepare to make a decision in November that will impact the world for at least four years.

Debates may be robotic propaganda delivery systems, but that doesn't mean we can't learn about the candidates in the process--just like Palin had a chance to let us get to know her at the RNC (but blew it), all of the candidates can really show us what they think are their most important qualities in the debates.

Of course, they can also screw up... please Joe, stay on the meds!! ;)
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