One of the burgers in this photo is 12 years old and the other was made this year. Both are from McDonald's.

I'm not going to tell you which.

This picture comes to us from a post (here:…earth.aspx ) at written by Karen Hanrahan. She notes that this is her favorite prop to use when she teaches her workshop on healthy foods for kids. She also says: "People always ask me - what did you do to preserve it ?

Nothing - it preserved itself.

Ladies, Gentleman, and children alike - this is a chemical food. There is absolutely no nutrition here.

Not one ounce of food value. Or at least value for why we are eating in the first place."

Later she adds: "McDonalds fills an empty space in your belly. It does nothing to nourish the cell, it is not a nutritious food."

Kinda makes ya hungry for Subway, huh?
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