Here's my "pocket review" for the documentary "SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA". Watch my blog for more on this movie.

<b><u>Positive Experience/Entertaining?</u></b> Definitely! Any documentary that gets you talking so much that you want to pause the film and talk in the middle of it is a documentary that is doing its job.

<br /><b><u>Technically any good</u>?</b> I think the film does a really good job of engaging viewers. Minutes in I was hooked and found myself getting mad at the conservatives talking, hence proving the film's point. We're all getting played and that we're ultimately more similar than we are different. I definitely think this film is a great primer for people interested in breaking out of our system of "divide and conquer" politics and media. Anyone sick of the "black & white" of American thinking should see this movie.

<br /><b><u>How did it leave me feeling</u>?</b> Fired up! It was great to see a film point out that there just might be something wrong with the underlying system--the system that suggests everything can be boiled down to a binary argument. Black or white, on or off, with us or against us, red or blue, Republican or Democrat, our system short changes us by over simplifying our interests and our needs. While I think the film does lean a little toward the liberal side, I do think SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA does a great job of establishing that this is a bipartisan crime--everyone embraces the binary argument in a world of vast variables.

<br/><b><u>Final Rating</u>?</b> GSN - GO SEE NOW!! FOUR STARS! **** <-- see? There they are! Now go find a copy of this movie, watch it and become more aware of how we're all being played.

PS Check out official SPLIT website here:

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