Hey, this is kind of cool. A few days ago I used Ping.FM to crosspost the following 137 characters: "What do you get when you let outsourcing go unchecked and inflation go on forever? An economy w/no jobs, no products and no buying power."

Using Ping.FM the comment ended up on seven different networks, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, MySpace, Pownce, Plurk, Indenti.ca, Rejaw, and Kwippy.

But it was only on Kwippy where anyone responded. Over the following couple days the discussion got going on why and how the US economy is screwed up and we even got to talk about India's economy a bit, too.

Then, Mayank, one of the guys in the conversation who also works for/at Kwippy, used our discussion as an example of how Kwippy is different from Twitter. In the picture above I circled my user icon in blue. :)

My empire grows!!

But seriously, this is the great thing about the Internet these days and the format of microblogging, as well. You can just shoot off some simple little comment and it can spark a whole discussion and introduce you to new people and introduce those new people to new concepts. It's pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Thanks to Mayank for using our discussion! It's always rewarding when things I do on the 'net are used as good examples. :)

Check out that Kwippy discussion here: http://is.gd/2TLK
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