Happy Saturday! Bush and TreasSec Paulsen want Congess to agree to spend nearly three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars to save our economy.

Where the hell do we have that kind of money laying around? You can't even say "Oh, we'll be paying for this for decades in taxes!"

You can't borrow money from the future. We WILL be paying it back for that long but where is that money coming from and what were we going to use it for?

I'm pretty sure we will be just conjuring the cash from nothing but I'd like to hear that from someone official for once.

Do you have any idea how injecting 700 billion new dollars will change the value of the US dollar? The value will drop even lower.

What worries me even more is that Bush made the comment today that doing nothing but would be a much greater risk than spending $700 billion.

He just admitted that our economy is totally screwed.

And I mean TOTALLY.

What's worse than needing to spend nearly one-tenth the national debt to "save" our economy?

I'm betting that the media and even most people won't get the severity of this.

The US economy is FUBAR and the only thing that will save it is 700 BILLION.

One helluva thing to wake to.
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