I thought I'd take a day off from posting my commentary of Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson and post my commentary on McCain's appearance on The View instead. The transcript I'm about to use comes from TheRebeller.Blogspot.com here: therebeller.blogspot.com/2008/09/mccain-on-view-transcript-9-12-08.html So, if there's anything wrong with it, blame that guy! :) Thanks to John Rivera, the man behind TheRebeller.Blogspot.com, for transcribing the interview.

Actually, I can't work out exactly who transcribed it, and the text below looks incomplete, so I'm going to quip away and then watch the whole thing to see if I missed anything.

OK--I grabbed the second half of the transcript below from shakespearessister.blogspot.com/2008/09/john-mccain-on-view.html

Man, doesn't anyone host their own blog anymore?

As always, the comments below that are NOT in italics are mine and they are straight, off-the-cuff comments as I read the transcript for the very first time. I have yet to see any of the footage of McCain's appearance.

Here we go:

Whoopi: Do you believe in the Separation of Church of State?

McCain: Sure, but God has a plan for the world and people can believe want they want. I happen to be spiritual. P.S. In God We Trust

WOW, pander much?

I hope he's not fooling any Believers out there.

[...]ELISABETH HASSELBECK: There has also been a question burning amongst voters and actually our viewers, and that is the question of Roe v. Wade. And as president, if you were, no softballs coming from me, even though you have my vote. Would you as president work to overturn that? And then would Sarah Palin be working to overturn Roe v. Wade?

SENATOR JOHN McCAIN (R-AZ): I think what we would be doing is appointing or nominating justices to the United States Supreme Court and other courts who strictly interpret the Constitution of the United States. We would not impose a litmus test on any issue because that’s not fair to the American people. But they would have to have a clear record of strict interpretation.

Wow--looks like McCain's been taking lessons from Palin! Talk about a nice, vague answer!

Hey JOHNNY, you for RvW or not? Simple question.

BARBARA WALTERS: That’s kind of the other way of saying people who would want to overturn Roe v. Wade.

McCAIN: That, that, well, that is saying that, I believe Roe v. Wade was a very bad decision, Barbara. [audience groans] I think it was a bad decision. I thought other, I thought other decisions of the United States Supreme Court were bad decisions.

ME TOO! Like when they decided George Bush should have won back in 2000! :P

No, I won't let that go because the Supreme Court should have dismissed the case on the grounds that the Congress is Constitutionally required to break ties in national elections--NOT the Supreme Court.

It's true! Look it up!!

But I want people on the Court who, quote, "do interpret" and not just on the issue of Roe v. Wade, but on other issues.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Do I have to be worried about becoming a slave again?

McCAIN: My interpretation of the Constitution of the United States is that the United States Supreme Court enforces the Constitution of the United States and does not legislate nor invent areas that are responsibilities, according to the Constitution, of the legislative branch.

It's both relieving and worrisome to hear him say this.

Could go either way.

HASSELBECK: So it was in how the law came up, it was in how Roe v. Wade came apart was the issue. You, you want it to be through the Constitution from the people not from the bench.

McCAIN: And I believe that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, then the states would make these decisions.

Just so long as the federal government doesn't decide to toss up a law in it's place---HANG ON--almost had me there with the states rights argument, but NOPE, thanks for playing!! We need a guarantee that abortions will be kept legal because this is an issue of freedom for women. If the USG doesn't legislate a guarantee that all women can get abortions, some states will take away women's right to get one.

WHEW! That was close!!


McCAIN: Yes?

GOLDBERG: Can you just, and I don’t want to misinterpret what you’re saying. Did you say you wanted strict Constitutionalists? Because that, that-

McCAIN: No, I want people who interpret the Constitution of the United States the way our founding fathers envision-

GOLDBERG: Does that-

McCAIN: -for them to do.

GOLDBERG: Should I be worried about being a slave, about being returned to slavery because certain things happened in the Constitution that you had to change.

McCAIN: I, I understand your point.

Haha! I'm sure he does!

Of course, I don't remember anything in the Constitution about owning slaves...

GOLDBERG: Okay, okay.

McCAIN: I understand that point and I, I, [applause] thank you. That’s an excellent point.

Sheesh, you'd think they were talking about the Bible or something!

GOLDBERG: Thank you sir.

McCAIN: And I thank you.

And I thank you BOTH! Now can we PLEASE GET ON WITH IT??

WALTERS: Before we go, before we go, just to give a different picture because you talk- [laughter]

GOLDBERG: I got scared.

JOY BEHAR: She’s picturing herself on the plantation.

GOLDBERG: I got scared. I gotta start running.

If McCain ends up in the White House, we'd ALL better start running!

WALTERS: You and Sherri, we’ll take care of you. Us white folk will take care of you.

Barbara Walters: Mistress of the Underground Railroad!


MCCAIN: I have committed myself to a Pro-life position because I happen to believe that life begins at conception, but that is an issue that I respect other people's views.

Whaaa?? Pro-life has WHAT to do with anti-slavery???

I did try looking for more of a transcript, but couldn't so I'll just toss in some more thoughts on the video here as I watch it.

First off, kick ass Joy Behar! Actually, if he were to go back to the John McCain of the 2000 presidential campaign before the election, I might vote for him! Lucky for all of us, he won't. But cheers for being critical of him to his face. Very cool.

Apparently McCain called Palin "teh best VP candidate evar." Walters called him on it (like, even bettar than Jon Adams!?!? NOWAI!) and he joked about how exaggeration and hyperbole is never part of being a politician. Humor goes a long way to getting away with lies.

Walters then goes on to ask McCain who they plan to reform should they get to the White House. McCain answers with the same bullshit about how the Dems have been in charge for the past 1.5 years. Yeah, right. Like that matters. The Dems are just as bad! But I digress. You can't reform yourself, John! Well, you can, but that would require admitting you have a problem in the first place!

It looks like Walters isn't going to look directly at McCain for the entire interview--damn, Barbara! Look the man in the eye if you're gonna slam him!

Wow--McCain openly lies about the Palin earmarking despite Gibson calling Palin on it in her interview with him which aired the day before. Whoops!

According to Walters Palin sold the infamous Alaska state-owned corporate jet at a loss.

"Well, you want her to keep it?" McCain counters, clueless.

OK, Walters is looking at him now--sheesh--McCain looking at her while she looks away makes for awkward TV. Now they're all ganging up on the guy! What's sad is that he's letting it get to him.

John McCain survived all those years getting "room service" at the Hanoi Hilton and he can't handle the vagina-owners on The View? Sheesh...

It's creepy to see McCain talk about breaking the "old boys network" in Washington. He's white, old and a boy. Is he going to stop returning his own phone calls now?

More kudos to Joy Behar for questioning McCain on his TV ads and the whole "Lipstick on a Pig" thing.

Damn--they're really showing their liberal-media-ness. I think it's great to challenge the powers that be, but this is seriously like ganging up on the dude again. Luckily, he's handling it very poorly. I suppose it makes sense that McCain doesn't know how to play the victim. That's the Democrats job! Hey!

I KID the Dems!!

Walters brings up a good point as McCain is complaining how Obama won't join him on the campaign pre-debates debates--she agrees to ask Obama about that the next time he's on just so long as McCain asks Palin why she won't come on. :)

Now I'm lapping the transcript, though it looks like McCain said a lot more about his beliefs in God. Apparently God doesn't help win elections, but He does help guide the planet. Watching the clip still makes me think he's pandering, though he does seem a little more genuine than just his words suggested.

McCain is now claiming he prays every day for guidance in his life from God. Yeah right. Did he pray when he was tempted to cheat on his first wife with Cindy? Guess God wasn't on his side then. Or perhaps God wanted him to get with another hot chick? He prays every day--my ass!

Here's the part about Roe V Wade.

Sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier, but Whoopie Goldberg is an idiot--it's not the Constitution that has pro-slavery stuff in it! It's the Bible that talks about slaves. Don't be dumb Goldberg! Sheesh. And McCain knows his Constitution so well, he doesn't stop and question her on it. How about a quote from the USC where it explains slavery is cool?

Wow, The View really set up an easy softball pitch for McCain when they ran that new footage of McCain coming back from Vietnam.

Here comes TheCindy Unit.

Cindy McCain is hot--but I always feel she looks a bit too business-suity or pants-suity. Like another Republibot.

Damn, she's still on message from the RNC :( McCain keeps putting the country first... (except when in 2004 he turned down an under-the-table offer from John Kerry to be his running mate. That would have been an earthquake to the country and it would have meant HUGE change. But McCain said no because he's going to stick with his party. So, he was putting party first back then.)

Blahblahblah Cindy and John fight over the remote control (yeah right) blahblahblah

Ah, here we go: Cindy disagrees with Palin's anti-abortion stance of no abortions no way, no how, even in cases of rape or incest. So, for Cindy McCain, murdering an unborn baby is fine!


I am actually anti-abortion but pro-choice (yes, it's possible), so I kid the anti-abortion crowd, but I'm kinda one of them. I just value human freedom more than I value human life. BUT I DIGRESS...

MCCAIN: "People want us to work together. I'll appoint Democrats, I'll appoint independents..."

There are independents in Washington?


OHHHH, he means Joe Lieberman!

Like he counts!

Cindy's explaining how she is a mom and a business owner and a wife at the same time--she says she does it the same way all of the women on The View do it. She says women are good at doing a lot at once.

One word: Nannies.

My ass she does it all herself. They own how many houses?? Please.

McCain's now talking about appealing to the youth. SNL, web, etc. Like he even knows how to check email!!

Yeesh, now they're giving Cindy a chance to talk about her stuff and it's only going to help McCain.

Oh, now she's lying by saying the Russians are the bad guys in the Russian/Georgian thing. She points out that Russians have killed women and children.

Oh yeah, like our troops in Iraq haven't killed scores of women and children over the last five years of occupying that country! Are we supposed to say America are the bad guys? If that's the criteria than OK. But those are YOUR rules, Cindy!

Oh and for the record, Russia only invaded because their troops got caught in the crossfire when Georgia decided to invade South Ossetia.

OK, after Walters thanks Cindy for her humanitarian work, they're out of time. WHEW.

Still managed to bend my brain a bit with his infernal Republican (lack of) logic.

I really hope he doesn't end up in the White House. Holy shit. I'll want to leave this country even more...