Last night I posted about the debate schedule and this morning I woke to the news that C-SPAN will be giving the Hub-treatment to the 2008 presidential debates!

This is great news for a couple of reasons.

1) More coverage from C-SPAN means more (mostly) unbiased coverage. Anytime we can avoid giving attention/money to the corporate news it's a good thing. (I only say "mostly" unbiased because no one can be completely unbiased.)

2) C-SPAN's Debate Hub means more coverage of the blogosphere covering the debates. This means our influence just might grow a bit.

Point 2 is especially true if we can stay on top of the facts. If we are able to blog or microblog (Twitter, Jaiku, etc) our fact-checks while the debates are still going I think that will really show off how much better we are at this stuff compared to the corporate news.

However, it has been nice to see a couple attempts at fact-checking on the part of the corp media. The AP, while not technically corporate but still very mainstream, reported on several things the Republicans got wrong during various RNC speeches. Also, just yesterday, TheWife saw a clip of Anderson Cooper 360 where they fact-checked both McCain and Palin's recent public statements.

Well done, for sure, but this needs to be done faster, more often and for both Repubs and Dems (sorry, kids, the Dems lie, too--just differently). The 2008 debates will be a great opportunity for us to show off what we've got.

Unless, of course, the media wants to ignore their urge to make money and just do what's right, that'd be great, too. I'd love to just sit back and enjoy good coverage instead of feeling compelled to pick up the slack left by the mainstream corporate-minded media.

Yes, I know that C-SPAN actually is a corporation but that just proves it's possible to do a MUCH better job covering this stuff than CNN and the broadcast networks do.
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