ThePete's 12 Second Japanese Lesson #4 Good Evening on

Good evening (how you greet people after 5 or 6pm)

ko ng ba ng wa

Please note that when you write the hiragana for this that last character is the "ha" character but it's pronounced "wa". Don't ask me why. Japanese does that sometimes.

Another note: the "ん" is generally described as an "n" sound without a vowel after it (most characters have a vowel sound after them) but
"ん" is one of a few exceptions. It ends up sounding like the "ng" sound in English. It's very subtle, however, so subtle that it almost sounds like it's not there (but it is).

To learn more Japanese online, I recommend checking out Alex Brooke's (also visit his site to check out what else he's up to). You might also check out or pick up the book Japanese from Zero: Volume 1 if you want to learn offline.

Did I get something wrong? Tell me! I've got a LOT to learn still, so please help me and others by commenting. Thanks!