According to a positively ancient (June 2007!!) post I found at the 2008 presidential debate schedule is as follows:
September 26, 2008: Presidential debate with foreign policy focus, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS (PBS - Jim Lehrer)

October 2, 2008: Vice Presidential debate, Washington University, St. Louis, MO (PBS - Gwen Ifill)

October 7, 2008: Presidential debate in a town hall format, Belmont University, Nashville, TN (NBC - Tom Brokaw)

October 15, 2008: Presidential debate with domestic policy focus, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY (CBS - Bob Schieffer)

I was able to confirm this schedule on an August 5, 2008 post at HuffPo. Then again, those "hippy libbies" over there aren't reliable, so if this schedule is wrong, blame them.

Two things I'd like to note about this schedule:

1) While each night is moderated by a person from a particular network, as I recall, other networks also cover the debates, despite giving face time to the competition. Back in 2004 I remember blogging the debates while watching them on C-SPAN. I reeeeally hope to do that again. Though I couldn't find any obvious proof that they'll be covering it, after watching both political conventions on C-SPAN I can't imagine going back to the MSM for the debates. That would just suck.

2) Way back in 2007, waaay before we knew who was going to be the nominee for each party, it was the Democrats and the Republicans who decided when the debates would be. It wasn't some mysterious non-profit or any other non-partisan group, it was the Donkeys and the Elephants who decided when these debates would be. Not a mention of any other political parties, too. Ever get the idea that we will never see change until these fuckers let someone else have a chance? I mean, I hated Ross Perot, but I miss the days of a quasi-viable 3rd Party Candidate.

Hey, that last debate is in Hempstead, NY--that's not too far from me--like an hour away by train (closer by car). Maybe I can head on over and crash it? ;) Unless some nice student at Hofstra U who has an extra ticket wants to bring ThePete as their date :) I'm married, but I'm cheap, clean and quiet. :) You won't even hear me liveblogging the debate from my iPhone :)

Of course, no Hofstra students have tickets yet. According to the official 2008 Presidential Debate ticket page at, the lottery for tickets won't be held until October 3rd and students can't sign up for said lottery until September 22.

OK, new question for any Hofstra U students: who wants to sign up for the lottery and give me their ticket if they win? :) I'll be your BFF!!

Or maybe anyone shooting the event--I'm a pretty good camera person--been shooting stuff professionally and not since I was a kid (a long) time ago! I'll work for free (assuming you don't mind me liveblogging the event, too).

I'm so close...