It's that time of the year again. I live in New York City and, to me, it doesn't feel very different from being in LA. I don't watch TV that much, so I've missed all of the 911 specials. However, I'm pretty cynical, so I'm going to assume no one on CNN, MSNBC or Fox talked about how Osama bin Laden's FBI's Most Wanted page still fails to mention anything about 911. In case the FBI has since updated the page since I wrote this blog post, check out the screengrab of Osama bin Laden's FBI's Most Wanted page here:

But more important than seeing 911 mentioned on Osama bin Laden's wanted page, it sure would be nice to see Osama bin Laden on the front page of the New York Times with the headline above it: "OSAMA BIN LADEN IN US CUSTODY"

It has been seven years, I think we won't ever get him at this point.

I just wish heads would roll for:

1) Failing to catch the man we all blame for 911 and failing to put him on trial.
2) Allowing the 911 attacks to happen in the first place. What do we pay those idiots for?
3) The government letting us down so dramatically in both the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

The thing is, NOBODY has talked about catching bin Laden or how they'll hold accountable those responsible for allowing 911 to happen at all.

Remember when Bush said he'd get bin Laden dead or alive? Well, here he is saying bin Laden doesn't concern him:

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Nothing like a "fearless" leader totally backing down on his promise to avenge the deaths of those victims of the 911 terrorists.