We know that so many civilians were killed thanks to cell phone pictures. This is another example of how modern technology can help the every day person stand up and hold those in power responsible. Of course, the US military is still denying it, despite the photos. Rather than just say "well, we haven't really analyzed the cell phone photos yet" they deny it.

Regardless, we all need to remember that wars don't happen without civilians getting killed. What makes me mad is that most people seem so shocked when this sort of thing happens, yet, this happens in every war. And guess what--the military always ends up denying it's as bad as we think it is.

Find the original CNN.com article I capped above here: http://www.cnn.com/…index.html

From that article: "Cell phone pictures are providing evidence that a large number of civilians may have been mistakenly killed by U.S. troops operating in Afghanistan last month, two NATO officials said Sunday.

"The Afghan government, a United Nations review and other reports from the region state that as many as 90 civilians were killed in an August 22 airstrike, but the Pentagon has adamantly disputed the death toll.

"Another U.S. military official, who has seen the cell phone imagery but asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media, said Monday there were about 30 bodies, some covered and some in blankets.

"There were "several children who appear to be pulled from the rubble," he said.

"The source, who has direct knowledge of the investigation, said the U.S. assessment was based largely on comparisons of satellite imagery of a 10-square-kilometer area from before the attack, taken August 14, and imagery captured after the attack, on August 24."

So, like gods, the USMil thinks it can completely work out what happened by looking down from "on high." Well, too bad it seems a little sousveillance will shed some real light on the event. Sousveillance is the opposite of surveillance, go here to learn more: http://en.wikipedia.org/…sveillance

I just wish we didn't need these kinds of reminders to remember that war hurts a lot more people than just "the enemy."
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