Now, before I inspire the ire of Believers again, I'd just like to preface this by reminding readers that while I'm an Atheist, I believe in everyone's right to believe in whatever god they want. I won't tell you what to believe and you won't tell me. I think that's fair. No, the reason I have trouble with Sarah Palin comparing a pipeline and the Iraq invasion to God's plans, is because I believe in the Constitution.

The 1st Amendment establishes that government isn't supposed to endorse any religion. You can practice what ever you want as an elected official, but you can't actually endorse one. In this video that is finally getting around to reporting on (sorry, I blogged on it here:…s-scare-me back on the 9/2/8--like eons ago in 24-hour-news-cycle terms) Palin is seen identifying herself as the elected governor of Alaska and then getting up and delivering a guest sermon.

Sorry, but that seems like the opposite of separating church from state.

Forget that she grew up in a church that believes Alaska will be a state that people will run to when the end times come, forget that she seems to believe God wants a billion-dollar pipeline to be built. Sure, *I* think those things are absurd, but you may think they're fine. That's cool with me. What isn't cool is how she mixes politics with business with religion to make a big ol' cocktail of unConstitutionality.



Anyway, you get my point.

So, here comes CNN, nearly a week later covering what I and Bill Bitner (here: ), Andrew Sullivan (here: ) and the Huffington Post (here:…23205.html ) (and probably a few others) have already blogged on.

Who says the mainstream news are dinosaurs?

I do! I do!

Granted, CNN could afford to fly a cameraperson and a reporter way the hell up to Wasilla to interview folks and that made the story more interesting, but it doesn't take *that* long to fly up there, does it? Plus, the story really did focus on the wack-jobiness of the church's beliefs more than anything I've seen before and certainly more than I feel like I've mentioned.

Ah well, 3 cheers for this story getting more airplay. Hopefully it will keep going.
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