I saw this earlier tonight and couldn't help but shake my head. I saw this coming. Hell, I'm not sure who couldn't, assuming you were looking.

They keep trying the same band-aids to save our economy, but said bandages don't work time and time again. What's worse is that everyone is too scared to consider the worst. Now, I'm far from an expert but I don't see how taking over two huge banks will help a system which is exhibiting some serious symptoms that something very big is wrong with it..

Our system is built to expand for ever--inflation never stops--the thing is value does. Our country's ideas are largely all it has left because of outsourcing and the greed behind the outsourcing..

It's my opinion that the US economy is at it's weakest since after the Great Depression. By "weak" I mean in terms of it's ability to function, not in terms of how much the US dollar is worth.

I feel like one more financial crisis will send everything tumbling down.

We can't get out of oil because our ecomomy is tied too greatly to it. Google "petrodollars" for a good example and for another, consider the absolutely huge number of things in our lives that are made from oil. So very much of our lives revolve around the use of oil-based products. Clothes, makeup, plastics, chemicals all come from the black stuff.

Then think about the trillion bucks we're "spending" on TWAT (The War Against Terror) and understand that a buttload of that money (remember, it's in the many hundreds of billions) goes back to American military-industrial contractors and thusly back into our economy.

What all this means is that aside from war, oil and ideas (intelectual property, like movies, TV, design, etc) we have very little going for us.

If we lose the very system that manages our money (banks) we lose the scaffolding holding everything up.

Once again, I have no official training with money. I just read a LOT and feel like I can spot trends and generally understand why (I think) they might be happening.

So, please, do your own research and if you come to a different conclusion, please let me know so I can relax.

All I know for sure is that I've been right so far.

Hopefully, a new party in control of the White House will change things.

Of course, that won't remove the inherent flaws in the system, but hopefully it'll buy some extra time for our leaders to catch a clue about this and star making serious changes.
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