Thankfully, someone in the mainstream press (granted, it's the print news media) actually did their job and called out some of the speakers at the RNC last night. Check out the above cap or check out the original article here:…AD92VL7KG0

Some highlights:

Turns out the Alaska National Guard McCain said Palin was in charge of is all of 4200 people-big and falls under Federal control once they get sent away from the state, like say, to Iraq. (The article doesn't specify if the Alaska Guard is overseas or not. However, a quick check of confirms at least some are.)

The "liberal" Washington Mitt Romney wanted to get conservatives back in control of has actually been under control of a conservative (Bush) for 8 years and for most of those years a conservative-controlled Congress, as well.

TheHuck put forth the inaccurate suggestion that Obama wants to change the definition of marriage when, according to the AP piece, Obama has said he wants to leave it up to states to decide how they define marriage.

After watching the final night of the RNC08, this trend of exaggerating, setting up straw-man arguments and even outright lying was not broken. As with most politicians, the Republicans seem to be willing to say and do anything to get elected.

A politician telling the truth and following through with promises--now THAT would be change!
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