Still sick in bed, but not quite back in that cold-coma yet when I saw this on my iPhone's browser (note the battery sucking 3G network is engaged and already sucking juice). The first thing I thought when seeing the picture CNN put on their website was:

"So, that's what an FAA Fail Whale looks like."

Then after reading a bit of the article I thought:

"I didn't know the FAA sent ALL of their communications through the Twitter server!"

But seriously, shouldn't the FAA have reduntant back-ups? I mean, what if a single computer glitch hit that one system and... OH, WAIT.

Is it me, or have there been a LOT of airplane problems lately? TheWife mentioned this recently about just the past few days, but if you look at the past few months you can see there have been quite a few emergency landings and crashes around the world.

Is it the aeronautics gods that are angry or the computer gods (since most of the bigger planes use computers)?

Just tell me which to sacrifice a chicken to so the scary stuff can stop.
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