While sick in bed, I was browsing through my iPhone's photos and I came across this screencap from TheUSA Today's website that I capped last week. Since I'm down with a cold, I figured now would be the perfect time to post it along with just a few words before my cold-coma envelops me once again in its embrace.

So, here we go:

Which kills more people each year worldwide, cancer or terrorism?

I'm betting that you know more people who have been harmed by cancer than by terrorism. Yet does the USG spend a trillion dollars on cancer?


Yet here's another young woman who has had both breasts removed due to cancer.

For me, a week rarely goes by without hearing reports of another person getting or dying of cancer. Celebrities, politicians, friends and/or family, I hear MUCH more about cancer victims than I hear about terrorist victims.

Yet all the money goes to protect us from something that has no odds of harming most of us. Good plan, America! Makes alotta sense.

Just my two yen.
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