Oh, so now we lowly bloggers are journalists after all?

Careful, Mr. FCC-man! You're looking a little hypocritical!

Here is just another stupid government guy in a suit who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

How in the world could the Fairness Doctrine even be enforced on the Internet? You're going to fine EVERY blog that claims to be a news source? What about those that are news sources but don't claim to be?

Just stick to regulating what you can control--the airwaves and business practices. I think the Fairness Doctrine is fine for corporations (who exist as government-recognized entities and are therefore beholden to the will of the people) but for individuals on the 'net?

Oh yeah and Net-Neutrality has nothing whatsoever to do with the Fairness Doctrine governing the Internet. Both are about regulating big giant corporations with lots of money and power--power to convince thousands, even millions of people to buy Coke or support a war. When my blog has that kind of influence I'll be happy with that kind of regulation.

If one day it is and I'm not, please point me at this blog post.
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