Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely entertaining but only a positive experience if entertainment is all you want. This was a mess of a movie with just enough explosions and "drama" to keep audiences unaware that this was a poorly made film.

Technically any good? The acting from all involved was just fine. The FX were solid and believable across the board (if not a little corny). The music was inventive and actually did some very cool things. The script, however, was a heavy-handed, plot-challenged, lightning-paced mess. Batman felt stapled into the movie, so much so that I felt the film should have been called "Two-Face." Joker is in it (duh) but he feels more like he's stapled in, as well. The plot (what there is of it) congeals around Harvey Dent's story arc. Sure, it's all from Batman's point of view, but don't expect to see him do anything more interesting than good stunts and talk too much. The Batman from Batman Begins had to wrestle with his past, confront his demons and go against his mentor. In this he does almost none of that.

How did it leave me feeling? Disappointed. As the audience was clapping I was wondering what movie they'd just seen because the one I saw had gaping plot holes where characters would vanish from the movie randomly and return only when the plot called for them. The film I sat through featured characters openly discussing morals in blatant, obvious, and boring terms. In the second-to-last (of four) climaxes, as Batman explains to Joker what he's just be shown, I found myself wondering why the movie felt the need to have Batman explain what we'd just seen. Imagine, as Luke is flying away from the destroyed Death Star, he contacts Vader on the radio and explains the morals behind what he did.

Final Rating? NFI - NetFlix It. Honestly, the stunt work will make more sense on the small screen and I don't think it's worth the money to sit through the bad script. If I knew then what I know now, I'd have saved my $12.

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