Here's a cap I took of my iTunes last night after clicking "Sync Ringtones."

That's right--all existing songs, movies, and TV shows on my iPhone (I call her "Kurochan") will be wiped JUST so I can sync my ringtones!! What the hell is that?

Why must I wipe all of my media just for ringtone-syncage? It's bad enough we have to pay to have ringtones added. It's also bad enough we can't just use songs in our music library for ringtones (not to mention not being able to use them for the alarm clock!) and now we have to go through the effort of dumping all of our media back on the iPhone?

I love it when a corporation tells me what to do.

It means I don't have to think as much.

I just wish it didn't hurt so much when I do it anyway. :(
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