One of the annoying things about the App Store, Apple's method for delivering Apple-sanctioned applications to your iPhone, is the inconsistency. I've read that many developers are having a helluva time dealing with Apple. Some apps are rejected because of typos in the descriptions, while others are rejected out of hand with no explanation at all.

Then there are the apps that make it on to the App Store when they really shouldn't. I have lost count of how many apps I've downloaded only to find that they refuse to open or work at all once they do open.

To be sure, most of the apps I've tried have worked fine. I just don't understand how apps that so obviously suck don't get filtered from the system while others get through--as in the case of the above screencapped app. It's an app called "Codes Retard." At first, I thought it was some sort of reference app for programmers. You know like "Coding for Dummies" or something. Then I tried to find out what it was and... whoops!

I'm not sure how Apple can justify rejecting some Apps for typos when this thing made it into the US App Store with the entirely wrong language--AND with the claim that it's in English.

I just hope Apple makes the NetShare app available again. I'm so annoyed I didn't know there was an app that allowed you to tether your iPhone before it was yanked.

Tethering, FYI, is when you plug your laptop into your cell phone and allow your laptop to use the cell phone's data connection to surf. Yeah, it's obvious why Apple yanked NetShare, but leaving it up would make them look like they actually cared about what their customers wanted.
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