Ironically, I read about this on my iPhone, which I had no real trouble picking up last Friday. Sure, the AT&T store I went to first was sold out before the line of about a hundred even made it in the door, but after making it to the 5th Ave Apple store and standing in line for three hours, I had my iPhone. Another 40 minutes later, my iPhone was activated and I was out of the store.

Sure, it could have been smoother but what do you want? It's the frakkin iPhone! You think there was demand like this for the RAZR?

So, it's now been two full days since I got mine and I must say that it's pretty damn cool. I loathe adding to the hype-machine, but the iPhone really is an amazing little thing. It's not perfect, not by a long shot, but it sure does some kick-ass stuff.

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