So, a couple days ago I was going over the feeds for my lifestream (now visible on ThePete.Com's main page compliments of and was reminded that I have a Jaiku account. Go figure.

I guess they're still in beta, which makes sense seeing what happened to me. See, I noticed I had left my Jaiku account so that it was still importing a few feeds from Twitter, Tumblr and a couple other places and since I was setting up Ping.FM to post to Jaiku, I decided to delete some of those feeds to avoid double posting. When I deleted a feed, I got the above error message.

Yeah--what the hell??

A bird?

A pithy little metaphorical comment about the condition of the servers?

No wonder Jaiku is still in beta. They'd probably get sued with that error message. Sheesh.

Come on, Google! What's up with you guys these days?
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