So the latest line of cutified characters-as-action-figures for kidsfrom Hasbro is one based on the Indiana Jones franchise. Like the X-Menline and it's innappropriate use of a character who was killed,autopsied and then returned from the dead (Elektra) this line, too, hasa questionably chosen character who has been cutified. In this case,it's the Nazi mechanic from the first and best Indy movie, "Raiders ofthe Lost Ark".

There's something that says "not kid-friendly" about this adorablelittle guy.

Maybe it's the fact that in the movie this same character's face getssliced off by a plane-propeller.

Yeah, that's probably it.

Elsewhere in the Indy line of cutified action figures:

The incredibly precious Cairo Swordsman whom an equally adorablebewipped Indy can fell with a single shot from his cartonishly hugepistol.

A truly cutified (and blueified) ghost from the ark who's cinematiccounterpart melted faces.

An adorably animated mummy, inhabited by a snake. In the original"Raiders" the pair terrorized Marion (though only the snake wasanimated).

One other thing is worth noting regarding the set I picked up--the NaziMechanic isn't even referred to on the label as the Nazi Mechanic--he'ssimply called a "German" Mechanic. Leaving the word "Nazi" off of thelabel not only keeps kids "safe" from asking depressing questions butalso turns the whole of the Hasbro toy company into Holocaust deniers.

Yay! Hasbro hates the Jews!
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