So, we found a good square of concrete to see the fireworks show down atthe South Street Seaport and we procede to sit there (along with plentyof other folks) for a bit less than 3 hours (or so).

About ten minutes before the show was to start, rain began to fall. Itgot a little worse than a drizzle and umbrellas went up. Soon, though,the rain lightened up and most of the umbrellas closed.

Then the show started and *all* the umbrellas closed... except one.

For almost half the show this moron kept his umbrella up, blocking ahuge number of us from seeing the explosions over the East River. TheWife, myself and a few others behind us started yelling at the guy toput it down. However, it was drizzling, so his umbrella stayed up.

I hope that guy wakes up tomorrow with huge scratches on his sunglasses.
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