In or around New York City? Come see the APW Arts Munny Contest and Gallery show featuring custom toy art from some seriously brilliant artists--like ME and TheWife! That's right--starting tomorrow, June 7, 2008, you'll be able to stop by the APW Arts Gallery at 195 Chrystie St Ste 200, New York, NY 10002 and see artwork by myself and my wife Sierra!

The opening is tomorrow from 7-9 so if you can stop by then, that'd be even better--that's when I'll be going. If you can't make it then, that's OK--the show runs from June 7 to June 21. I'll be posting pictures of our work soon, but if you can see it in person, that's really the best.

Oh and our pieces are for sale, too--buy 'em and support us! (Hey, just showing up supports us!)

Check out more about this event at
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