Positive Experience/Entertaining? Incredibly so, yes. Finally, a movie that presents the other side of the argument.

Technically any good? The acting was definitely solid, Javier Bardem is always good and thankfully, he has yet to get boring to me. The story is solid and script entirely believable. The music is also impressive in a movie where it could have easily gone unnoticed. I think this would be a great double feature with "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" because both deal with the same type of setting (a quadriplegic man wrestles with survival). Unlike "Diving Bell" this movie takes a decidedly more "pro-choice" direction, but doesn't leave out the other side. Like "Diving Bell," this movie is also based on actual events.

How did it leave me feeling? VERY moved and with tears in my eyes. This film deals with a not-often-represented view that are generally contrary to popular opinion. Everyone says that life is the most important thing at all cost--if you're living with pain or disease or a body that doesn't move the way it used to, you are told that life is too precious to throw away. Is that the truth? Or is that just fear talking? This movie might help you decide. Either way, it's got a great performance from Bardem and that alone makes it worth checking out. It also won the Oscar for best foreign language film for 2004.

Final Rating? SIYL - See If You Like - this movie is beautiful, poetic, emotional, tragic and triumphant. Some folks might not enjoy those dramatic swings.

I hate that word "triumphant" but I feel like it fits here.