D'oh! They changed it!

@PixelFish Well, it is on *my* blog ;)

But you're right--I should try to pass this around. Of course, CNN has changed it since I did my screencap.

@Robert, you're exactly right--it's little things like this that quietly stop people from reading more about a candidate. It may seem subtle to some, but it's a glaring omission in my mind.

@Chris, I think you're right. Though, I don't think it's America that isn't ready for a black guy to run, I think it's the establishment. The "system" is what always has trouble changing. Individuals are usually pretty reasonable. One of the big shocks to me this election season is the candidate-of-choice for the ULTRA-conservative mother of my best friend who, until recently, still thought the Iraq war was a good idea. She's voting for Obama. Cray-z. I *never* would have thought it. She's been threatening me for years that she'll send me O'Reilly's latest book. Thankfully, she has yet to follow through.
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