SWEET. This is always so nice to see.

One of the things I think most people forget is how the USA is less a "country" in a proper sense and more a group of states united as a country. That is to say, States Rights, aren't really thought about.

When stories like this hit the news, I am reminded that we are a country made up of states that each have their own powers and opinions and laws. In this case, as the screencap from the headlines from the March 5, 2008 episode of Democracy Now (original: http://www.democracynow.org/…/headlines ) shows, two towns in Vermont will be arresting Bush or Cheney if they set foot inside town-borders.

Does that rock or what?

In case you're in the dark about why Bush and Cheney should be arrested, impeached and put on trial for war crimes, here's some reading:




http://thepete.com/13-strikes <--sums things up

Then there's this video that sums up why the Iraq war is illegal, as well:


I know the Vermont vote isn't likely to amount to much, but it still sets a great example for all of us.
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