The above screencap comes from a March 6, 2008 post at (see the whole thing here:…you-flush/ ) and it reports on this cool new gadget that uses the power gravity and your toilet water to create electricity for your house.

As someone who fully believes the age of cheap oil is over with, this is one way (of many) we can reduce our use of fossil fuels. After all, there won't be just one replacement for oil, but many. Finding new ways to use some of the already-existing alternative energy sources is a great thing and the Benkatine Turbine from Leviathan Energy (official website: ) does exactly that.

Now, there won't be much pooptricity (as one green blog called it:…ur-toilet/ ) created by this little guy, but every little bit counts in a world where a barrel of oil will run you $110. If enough people start using these the environment would benefit, too.

And just think about how good it'll feel to give a crap for the environment. LITERALLY!
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