So, this morning, when I woke up, I started listening to today's podcast from to learn that today is "Abortion Provider Appreciation Day" and not only does it mark the 31st year the day has been celebrated in the city of Albany, New York, it's also the day, according to the DN broadcast (transcript here:…e_abortion ): "Governor Eliot Spitzer is addressing the Family Planning Advocates of New York State. Shortly after taking office last year, Spitzer introduced a bill that would declare abortion a fundamental right for women. The bill would also ensure abortion remains legal in New York should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade."

Bad news, ladies!

Turns out that Eliot has *also* been caught red-handed setting up a meeting with what the New York Times calls "a high-priced prostitute." So, maybe my headline, claiming Spitzer "hired" a hooker, isn't entirely accurate, but I hardly think you set up a doctor's appointment if you're not planning on getting, uh, some work done--if youknowwhatImean.

So, isn't that great? He's all set to protect a woman's right to choose when he gets caught encouraging a woman's right to charge.

Another "great" thing is that America doesn't get to have another discussion about women's rights--instead we get another discussion about how politicians suck.

Ah, women. Won't you ever learn?

I'm just Mr. Sarcastic today!

Read more about Spitzer's troubles in an article from here:…itzer.html

Read more about women's troubles with protecting their right to choose here:…e_abortion

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