Positive Experience/Entertaining? Yes, it was! Though it was very bloody, so be warned.

Technically any good? Over all the movie was a good adaption of the musical, I think. Only a few things really felt missing (like the opening "attend the tale of Sweeney Todd" bit, which wasn't there) and of course, the talent. I think Johnny Depp and Mrs. Tim Burton are both fine actors, but I felt that neither were quite right for the parts or quite good enough in the singing-department. Maybe Bonham-Carter, but she seemed like she was holding back. The acting was pretty awesome, however and the look of the film was SUPERB. I gasped at the final shot of the movie. I very rarely gasp.

How did it leave me feeling? Like this is Tim Burton's best movie so far--and the one that best reflects his talents. I've always felt that his films had so much more potential than he'd let them reach. Save for Beatlejuice, I think Sweeney is the film that he let his darkness run free. Good for him--I hope his next film goes farther.

Final Rating? SIYL - See If You Like - while this is a musical, don't think it's some popcorn crap-fest--this movie is very bloody, disturbing and is a tragedy. If you like disturbing, bloody tragedies, then you'll love this movie, I'd say.