The above screencap comes from an article at which you can find here:…C6T06.html

So, yeah, the FBI has admitted to illegally spying on Americans without obtaining the proper authorization. Of course, they say that they "improperly used national security letters to obtain personal data on Americans" which is SO much better than admitting to breaking the law in order to spy on us.

The article goes onto say that: "...the report focuses on national security letters issued only in 2006 - a year before the FBI enacted sweeping new reforms to prevent future lapses."

Ah, so that means no one will actually get in trouble for this law breaking since "they've already cleaned up their act."

It's like those Democrats who think it would be useless to impeach Bush and Cheney now because they are going to leave office in less than a year.

Yeah, enforcing the law is stupid. Why bother with it? Nixon didn't go onto commit any more crimes and it's not like it sets a bad example for the future!

I mean, it's only the law, right?
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