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Does this bother anyone else? I don't see what a kid says about a school administration or official or teacher has to do with anything. I know they're kids, but don't they have the right to speak their mind?

Sure, the parents have the ultimate say, but forcing kids to muzzle themselves seems like we're training them to be passive and silent when they become adults. Too many passive and silent adults are what allowed the Iraq war to happen (not to mention other things, not quite as bad).

When you consider the tameness of the student's words, it gets even more oppressive sounding. It's not like she dropped the F-bomb or called anyone a C-word--the last time I checked, the words she used could be heard on latenight TV.

Perhaps I'm biased since I'm not sure why people get so hung up about "swear" words. Words are just words, folks. They're not magic spells, they don't put a curse on you, they only have the power we give to them.

I understand that certain words are inappropriate in certain circumstances and I understand the social rules, but I don't understand the legal ones. Dick Cheney told a member of Congress to "fuck off" for crying out loud. Our leaders are setting these examples and we get mad at a teenage girl for calling someone a douchebag?
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