Found this video here:…-who-wins/

I've got two deals with this.

1) Why do reporters constantly feel the need to video themselves getting zapped with weapons of the future that are here today? Remember all the stun guns clips we've seen? That thick-necked dude from CNN, Amanda Cogdon (formerly of RocketBoom) and now this 60 Minutes dude. I know reporters are masochists, but do they have to record it? I hate that I love to watch them in pain.

2) I've always felt that police and military should have access to non-lethal weapons, but something about this freaks me out a little. I mean, because they know the weapon won't (generally) kill you, won't they be tempted to use it on people who might be "faking" extreme pain? Like those UCLA security guys who stungunned a student for not showing his ID--they kept yelling at him to get up, but they'd just zapped him so he was still out of it. If memory serves, they zapped him again.

I guess I don't know how to feel about this new pain gun.
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