So, Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor are/is one of my favorite bands/musicians and has been for over a decade. So, when Reznor started embracing the Internet as a distribution system, I was understandably happy. I got his last album from his website for $5 as well as Niggy Tardust, a Reznor-produced album, for $5, too. Today, I saw that Reznor has his new album out online, again, for just $5. So I raced over, placed my order, got my download link emailed to me and that's where the fun ended. I keep having my downloads cut out after just a few megs.

So, I've emailed support and have yet to hear back. I'm thinking that even Trent has underestimated the popularity of buying music online, directly from the artist.

This is very frustrating as I am a HUGE fan. I even fantasized once about starting my own industrial-techno band called "The Reznor Trents" but, alas, I have no musical talent to speak of.

OH YEAH and don't let the "273 MB" fool you--that's Firefox screwing up--look at the time. It did not download all 273 megs in a single minute! :)

ALSO: To try DLing this yourself, check out
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