Adam Ostrow over at Mashable posted about this earlier today (here:…ee-coffee/ ) and I realized that a bunch of people who follow my posts are bloggers just like me, so why not pass this onto them?

Of course, you may have already blogged about it, I'm behind on my gReading. But just in case you haven't blogged about it (or even heard about it) here's the deal: is "beta testing" their new coffee called "Jamaican Me Crazy" and they want to snail mail samples to bloggers. The theory Ostrow postulates is that happily-caffinated bloggers means happily-reviewed coffee on said blogger's blogs.

So if you've got a blog head over to and sign up. They'll check out your blog and if they like it, they will then send you an email with a link. You then follow the link and give them your snail mail address.

For their sake I hope the coffee's good!

OH and they'll also give your blog a "plug" of sorts by listing it in alphabetical order (NO FAIR!) here:
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