So, last week NBC aired their TV movie remake of the classic, cheesefest series "Knight Rider". I enjoyed the show a lot as a kid, but did not enjoy the three other attempts at remakes Universal has attempted. TheWife is a bigger fan of the original than I so we decided to check out the latest. Needless to say, neither of us were impressed.

A talking bullet-proof car that drives reeeally fast was cool in the 1980s, but here in the 21st century, it's pretty weak. I mean, *seriously* how could they expect a car with the *exact* same abilities to be at all interesting?

However, there were two things that TheWife and I thoroughly enjoyed about this Knight Rider remake and both were stupid and minor.

First is the wav file I uploaded along with this post. It's of the new KITT saying "That does... suck."

We both laughed at how funny the phrase is coming from suck an unemotional voice.

The other is the video I uploaded with this post. It's of a moment where the new driver of KITT, who happens to be in the passenger seat of the car in this scene says the following lines: "Your dad was always good to me... and my mom."

The thing is, the "and my mom" comes out of the actor's mouth in such a weird way that I swear I thought someone cut one on the set and no one on the production noticed. I had to back up my DVR to hear the sound again. The more I played it the more it sounded electronic and not like a real sound a human made. My wife explained what the line was to me, but it still just tweaked me something fierce.

It still makes me giggle.

Better luck next time, NBC!

Maybe you should have the car fly, or burrow underground or, I don't know, maybe just come up with a good story?

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