Positive Experience/Entertaining? Yes, but it wasn't super memorable, sadly.

Technically any good? The animation is beautiful--it looks better than the series. The voice acting (I'm referring to the original Japanese, not the dubbed version) is as solid and brilliant as it was in the series, but sadly the story ends up being on the weak side. Sadly, just too many of the interesting story-arcs from the series have already been tied up, so the few things left to do aren't quite enough to make this a worth-while follow-up.

How did it leave me feeling? Satisfied, but not overly so. Ultimately, it felt like a last grab at cash for the folks that made the series. Still worth seeing if you're a fan of the series--just don't expect your mind to be blown or anything.

Final Rating? NFI - NetFlix It - A bit too intense for little kids, remember, Japanese Animation is often NOT for children. This is NOT Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh--this is WAY better and much easier for us adults to enjoy, though I recommend the series if you're looking for REALLY good story.