Wow, this thing is pretty sweet--see it up there? That little black box that's mounted on the back of that LCD monitor? Yeah, that's a computer.

Now, I'm not second-guessing my purchase of an XO or anything, but you have to admit, a Linux PC you can fit into your jacket pocket is pretty damn cool. Predictably, specs aren't that impressive on this little guy, it's got an 800 Mhz processor, 512MB of RAM (expandable to 1 gig), 1GB SSD (no hard drive), a standard VGA output (yikes!) and four USB ports. The thing also pulls about 8 watts of power, unlike your average laptop which pulls closer to 80 (the XO pulls about 6, I've read).

You get all that for just $415 plus shipping--not bad, but there are a few things you need to think about. For starters, there's no battery supply. This one's for the wall. Of course, you could easily drop another hundred-ish on a Tekkeon MyPower battery pack (…42-0253201 mypower&x=0&y=0 ), but then what about a monitor? You'd need to grab some sort of portable monitor that also could pull power from the Tekkeon or maybe buy a second Tekkeon to power the monitor?

By then, though, you're pulling a LOT more than just 8 watts and you're spending a lot more than $415 plus shipping. :(

Of course, it's ideal if you don't need it to be portable, have an extra monitor laying around, and need a tiny-PC without a lot of processor power behind it.

Read more about it in an Engadget post from today:…r-desktop/

Or, check out it's home page at :…p2.en.html
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