The above screencap comes to us from an article at (get it here:…63,00.html ) and reports on Knesset Member Shlomo Benizri who has made a claim that gays caused the recent earthquake in Israel. Here's a bit from the article: ""But I no {sic} of another way to prevent earthquakes; the Gemara mentions a number of causes of earthquakes, one of which is homosexuality, which the Knesset legitimizes," Benizri said.

An earthquake registering 5.3 on the Richter Scale was felt by residents across Israel at 12:36 pm Friday. The trembling lasted for 19 seconds and shook structures in many major towns and cities."

Yep, in today's day and age, in one of America's strongest allies in the world, there are politicians that actually believe a little man-on-man action some how makes the ground angry.

My Atheism *entirely* aside, one can easily make the case that this claim is absurd. If God hated TheGay he'd have sent San Francisco into the sea decades ago and razed West Hollywood to the ground. Then again, Greece did get hit with a quake today. O_O

But seriously, gays=earthquakes?

Well, even if it is true, we shouldn't worry because THERE IS A CURE FOR GAY!

Just last night, after a 3-hour marathon of "America's Funniest Videos" on ABC Family, said family network ran an episode of Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club." If you've never seen it, "The 700 Club" is a religious "show that is one-part "news" show and one part "Regis and Kathy Lee". On the episode last night they ran a story about "recovering gays."

That is to say, former gays and lesbians who are now "healing" themselves and choosing to serve Jesus. Luckily, I hit record on my DVR the moment I realized what they were talking about. That's where the video in this post comes from. Essentially, they claim that "therapy" can bring you back to heterosexuality.

Two words:


Is there really a cure for loving who you love?

For those gays and lesbians who believe they weren't given a choice in the matter, is there any real "heterosexuality" for them to go back to?

Again, my Atheism *entirely* aside, it is a fact that homosexuality exists in humanity and has for more than 2000 years (probably for much longer than that). It's also practiced in animal cultures, like the Bonobos (look 'em up). In the 21s Century, it seems positively ostrich-head-in-the-sand-like to make claims that:

1) Gays cause earthquakes

2) Gays can be cured

I have no problems with religion when they can accept reality--or at the very least when they don't force their views onto people. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I'm entitled to mine, too.
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