I'm what you call a casual hardcore gamer. I don't play a lot of video games, but the few I play I play into the GROUND. That said, I don't find myself with very much time to game, so I shouldn't be too excited about a new game coming out when my copy of "We Love Katamari" is still sitting in it's shrinkwrap on a shelf next to a conquered copy of "Katamari Damacy." Still, "Spore" is such a cool game, I had to post about it.

Basically, the game is "The Sims" or "Sim City" but on a planetary and evolutionary scale. You create your own life forms and watch them evolve into thinking, sentient beings who then form their own cultures and societies. I'll NEVER have time to play it, but I want to pretend that I'll be playing it non-stop come September 7, 2008. And who knows? Maybe I'll be able to find a hole in my day for some game-playing.

Learn more about Spore at http://Spore.com/

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