Sheesh, check this out: According to a post at, Everyone's favorite fruit-named company has applied for a patent that strongly suggests Apple is expanding their video game offerings (you didn't forget that the iPod can play Pac-Man, did you?). I think Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple elite need to stop and think about what they're doing.

From the TUAW post:
The trademark in question would protect the word "APPLE" under the following circumstances: "toys, games and playthings, namely, hand-held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing video games; stand alone video game machines; electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; LCD game machines; electronic educational game machines; toys, namely battery-powered computer games."

As the TUAW post points out, Apple failed at gaming once before with the Pippin.

Yes, that's what they called it.

I know, it's a pretty horrible name, but then so is "Wii".

Another thing that bugs me about the way Apple is behaving is that they seem to forget that they do make mistakes. Beyond the Pippin, there was the Newton--a great idea, but, quite obviously, way before its time. Another mistake? The iPhone. Yes, I do believe the iPhone is a mistake since they're pretending it's the phone James Bond would use instead of just a Sidekick with a touchscreen and some bells and whistles added (honestly, that's all it is--the damn thing can't even shoot video or do Flash).

Their latest mistake, in my mind, is the Apple's latest addition to their laptop line. The MacAir seems structurally unsound and underfeatured and I predict Apple will have egg on it's face when people start complaining that their Air's have been dented, bent or just snapped in two.

The idea of Apple getting into real gaming is kind of ridiculous--an obvious mistake on the surface.

However, if they were to team up with a gaming company with plenty of experience, that might be a different story. They wouldn't team up with the folks at Xbox (duh, Micro$oft owns them) and the Playstation people have cousins that make devices that compete with Apple, so Sony is out. That leaves Nintendo. How great would it be if Apple produced a handheld that could download Nintendo games over wifi?

Actually, scratch that, Nintendo should do something like this for the Nintendo DS. Seem like an obvious good idea, unlike Apple flying solo into the world of video games (again).