So, I had the TV news on for most of the day today (er, yesterday?) and I heard very little about any voting irregularities at all. As usual, the print media seems to do a better job covering the "boring" stories. The screencap you see comes to us from (specifically: and it talks about how there was a lot more to report on regarding voting irregularities than we saw on the MSM (MainStream Media).

The previous post on BradBlog before the one I just linked to talks more specifics: "Voting machine malfunctions were wide-spread as were electronic poll book failures. This evening and tomorrow will bring us many more reports of problems as counties get polls closed and begin to tabulate the votes. Please note that our information comes from media reports and not anecdotal reports from voters."

So, check out that post if you want to see links to their sources (there are a LOT):

Personally? I had no problem at all voting. Wellll, that's not *entirely* true. I had initially wanted to vote for a Green party candidate, but they said I couldn't. I wanted to vote for Cynthia McKinney who is a former Democratic Congresswoman who is now running against Nader for the Green nom. She's as good a person as Nader, but in different ways.

I'm not sure if I have to be registered Green (I'm an independent) or not, but they said I could vote Democrat or American Independent. I just hit the site and could find nothing specific about whether their primary was open or not (I should have asked at the polling place).

Actually, looking at their website I can totally see why those guys are never going to get anywhere. Terrible design (too cluttered!) and I couldn't find the info I was looking for. Not good when the info is an answer to the question: "Can I vote for you guys?"
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