Can't remember where I found this post (it's been an open tab on my browser for days) but I thought folks might find it useful:…guide.html

It's a post about how to find a job you love and it has some great, if a little obvious, tips on how to do it. Obvious in that they ask you to define what "love" even means to you and what you want in a job, among other things.

Pretty obvious, but how often does life seem to force us all to just take what ever we find first? We end up not really considering the most important questions.

One thing I'd add is to consider your potential boss. I've had too many jobs where the work, itself, was fine, but the boss made it hell on Earth.

I feel like I could do just about any job if the boss was cool (and the pay was reasonable, of course). My last stable dayjob had a great boss. My job was important but boring. The fact that my boss treated me very well made me wish I never had to leave. But budget cuts made them fold my duties into other positions. They did offer me a spot working in another department, but I'd have been working directly for the doctors--pushy, absent-minded, blaming-you-for-their-mistakes doctors. So, I decided to move on. Was it a mistake? Well, I'd have been miserable (the job would have also had me coming it 6 days a week) and while I'm out of work now, I'm happy, so I think it was not a mistake.

Happy>money in my mind.

Of course, at this point, I'm thinking I can put up with a semi-crappy boss if it means decent money.

Here's that link again:…guide.html
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