Saw this in Hollywood last night. Sorry it's a little blurry, but I didn't feel like it was really worth a clearer shot :)

First Yorkie bars that aren't for girls, then a study that tries to blame women for breast cancer and, now, we've got guys like this who still think it's appropriate to connect a woman's ability to perform in bed to a woman's ability to perform in the White House.

I don't hear anyone accusing Bush of shooting blanks in the War Against Terror, despite the fact that he's doing exactly that. I mean, TALK about impotent against the terrorists! He has just flaccidly flopped around in the Middle East while the only things *rising* are inflation and the cost of oil. Instead of $145 billion, perhaps he should try some Viagra for the economy.

Just imagine what sex must be like with Laura.

"The time for diplomacy has past. You're either with me, or against my orgasm."
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