So, for the past few weeks I've been putting together my theory regarding how the election will unfold. Just the other day I told my wife that I expected there to be a lot of neck-and-neck races. I theorized that we wouldn't know who was going to win any vote even at the last minute.

As super-duper Tuesday approaches it's obvious that while Hillary and McCain are going strong, both have Obama and Romney respectively nipping at their heels. So much so, that it's very possible that any candidate could win (even Huckabee--SHUDDER).

Likewise, in November, it'll likely be Hillary Vs. McCain and it'll be a tight, tight race--just like in 2004 and 2000.

I'm convinced, however, that Hillary will win. She'll win for a lot of reasons. Mainly, because this is the way it goes. If you look at history, there have been release valves where the rich have screwed stuff up royal and things have come along to make the people feel better about it.

Just look at the Reagan-Bush years--those two got us into military conflicts and the economy was bombing. We all wanted something else--Bill Cinton was our release valve.

Now, things are worse--the economy is nuclear bombing, we're in two or three endless wars, jobs are scarce and no one really wants to talk about these things (Al Qaeda is literally the least of our worries).

America needs change desperately so, it's time for another release valve--this time, it'll be Hill(ary) Clinton.

Why won't there be a landslide? Well, my opinion of the election systems in America is not a positive one. Electronic/computerized ballot boxes (even those with a paper trail) are not just easily hackable, but they are also incredibly fallible. Add that to the fact that many ballot machine companies are owned by politicians (many by very business-minded Republicans) and the suspicious among us wonder just how free and open our elections really are.

Chuck Hagel got elected on his own machines, apparently. Clint Curtis, a former software engineer who was asked by Florida House Representative Tom Feeney to write a computer program that could fix elections lost his bid for Tom Feeney (Feeney was also good friends with Jeb Bush).

Bev Harris, for years, has found enough evidence to suggest serious shady stuff is going on to keep her website going.

Dan Rather did a piece for his news show on HDNet about how the company that made the punch cards used in Florida's "hanging chad" fiasco intentionally used crappier paper for the cards because they wanted to usher in the use of electronic ballot machines (a much more lucrative business, which they were also invested in).

What's all this got to do with Hillary not winning in a landslide? Well, it's hard to fix an election if someone is winning by a landslide. If things are tight, then it's easy to fix it and cover your tracks.

Am I against a woman president? No. Just this one. She's just as bad as any other politician--in the back pocket of big business and willing to leave troops in Iraq for decades. Has she talked about poverty here in the US? Has she talked about how our economy sucks because of the war?

I don't care what gender you are--just be a good leader and do what's right for the people of this country.

I suspect that the fix is in, but that fix won't work unless things are very tight.

Just my 2 yen and I really hope I'm wrong. Believe me, I don't want to be right.
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