The above screencap comes from http://DemocracyNow.Org/ You can check out that article in full here:…_ally_mass

The gist is clear enough from the headline--Suharto was a ruthless dictator and a murderer. Perhaps the use of the word "murderer" in the headline seems a bit biased for a news source.

Then again, considering Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now, was herself beaten and nearly killed by Indonesian soldiers as she watched several unarmed, mourning East Timorese get shot by other Indonesian soldiers, I'd say the word "murderer" is justified.

Anyway, so the important thing to note here is that the US ambassador to Indonesia made a public statement that didn't condemn Suharto's acts. Isn't that nice?

This has been ThePete, bringing a little darkness into your otherwise bright afternoon. ;)

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