One of my passions, when I have time to embrace it, is custom toy design. I've been into toys since I was a little kid and still have quite a few as I approach middle-age. There's something about the innocence of toys that inspires my imagination to extreme levels.

Well, there's a growing movement of artists who work in the medium of toys. Companies like Kid Robot put out white vinyl toys that you buy and then paint yourself. I have done a few of these, but I'm just an amateur. The guy who did the piece above, who calls himself "Doktor A," is clearly a freakin' master.

You can learn more about that piece and see other work Doktor A has done here:…it-polish/

I'll get around to posting some pictures of my own toy work soon. I just thought "Pac Gentleman" was something I *had* to share. :)
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