This is it--this is my first novel! I am self-publishing it through It's not fine literature, but I like it and most other folks who have read it tell me they enjoy it, too.

Here's the blurb on the back cover: "TheKey follows the adventures of a handful of amateur conspiracy theorists as they go on a quest to find and destroy one of the most powerful computer viruses ever devised. A virus so powerful, it is capable of destroying every computer on the Internet. Along the way they discover that every conspiracy they've heard of is true and worse than they could have imagined. They also learn that accepted history itself is a lie crafted by the very people who are out to beat them to that virus--a tiny computer program known as, TheKey."

I usually pitch it as a cross between a modern-day "Lord of the Rings" and an alien-free "X-Files."

The best part? It's just $11 which is pretty comparable to most paperbacks these days. Usually self-publishing forces high cover prices, but Lulu keeps the price down. Why am I self-publishing? Well, I have a lot of reasons, but the main one is that traditional publishing takes too long. You can wait a year for them to reject you. The way I figure it, I can have my book in print in less than that, so why wait?

Anyway, so I'd REALLY appreciate it if anyone wants to risk $11 on me. ^_^

And any word-of-mouth advertising would be equally appreciated, too.

One last thing: My real name is not Scott Campbell, but the book is written in first person, so it seemed to make sense to me that his name be on the cover.
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